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Covid Information

Brooke County Schools’ primary goal is to maintain a safe school environment and keep students in schools daily. To meet this goal, we are working with our COVID-19 task force, Brooke County Health Department, school nurses, and other health care professionals to update our protocols and mitigation strategies.

We are experiencing a dramatic decrease in the number of students identified as positive for Covid-19 and students placed on quarantine due to exposure to the virus. The West Virginia Department of Education has provided all school districts with updated Covid- 19 guidance. After collaboration with Mike Bolen, Director of the Brooke County Health Department, Health Department Officials, School Nurses, and Health Care Professionals, they have all recommended that Brooke County Schools continue to wear masks to keep our students in schools. This temporary mask mandate extension for all students and staff will continue.

Brooke County Schools will continue to evaluate the data, and if we see a continued drop in the number of positive cases by November 1, 2021, we may lift the mask mandate. The students, staff, and community members have been beneficial in reducing the number of students under quarantine. We want to continue to see this trend moving into the future. West Virginia Department of Education mask and contact tracing guidance states the following:

Contact Tracing for Schools with Universal Mask Policy. For schools with a universal mask policy (regardless of DHHR map color), quarantining students and staff who have been exposed to a person with COVID-19 is NOT required if masks are worn at the point of exposure (including extracurricular activities). Schools should try to limit potential exposures while students are eating lunch by cohorting students who eat together or by eating in classrooms. This will reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19.”

On the Bus

  •   All students are required to wear masks.

  •   Bus will load from back to front, and a seating chart will be given to the school nurses.

    At School

  •   All students and staff are required to wear masks.

  •   PPE and hand sanitizer will be readily available to staff and students.

  •   The plexiglass dividers (desk shields) are not required. Students and staff  will continue to practice proper coughing and sneezing hygiene.

  •   Students will drink from water bottles and water filling stations available in our schools. Students will not drink from a water fountain.

  •   All classrooms will be disinfected every day.

  •   All Schools will reexamine their lunch service to make sure students are separated

    properly, or there are alternate places to eat to allow for social distancing when masks cannot be worn.

  •   When a child is placed on quarantine, schools will give them a handout explaining

    how they are to get their remote work. This could be Google Classroom Codes, where paper packets will be, etc.

    Extracurricular Activities:

  •   Students are not required to wear masks while actively participating in extracurricular activities (on the court, on the field etc.).

  •   Brooke County schools are now operating under an indoor mask mandate. This will apply to all students and adults entering any Brooke County Schools building.

  •   If a team is traveling to Brooke High School or Brooke Middle School and using any indoor facility (locker room, gym, etc.), all players and staff from the opposing school wear their masks while in the buildings.

    At Home:

  •   Encourage your child to wear a mask to keep all students safe.

  •   Monitor your child for any signs of sickness.

  •   Keep your child home if they exhibit any signs of sickness.

  •   Contact the school nurse if your child is exhibiting any signs of sickness to discuss further actions.

    Disclaimer: Please note, masking requirements could change as we work collaboratively with the Brooke County Health Department to monitor Covid-19 data or if mandates are issued from the West Virginia Governor’s Office or West Virginia Department of Education.