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Federal Programs (Title I, II, III & IV)


The Office of Federal Programs includes Title I, Title II, Title III and Title IV (please select links below for more information about each program). For the 2021-2022 school year, the following schools will receive Title I funding: Brooke Primary North, Brooke Primary South, Brooke Intermediate North, Brooke Intermediate South, and Brooke Middle School. Title II, III, and IV funds are distributed throughout the county. These grants provide funding as follows:

TITLE I: Provides funding for supplemental resources and personnel to ensure all of our students have equal access to a high quality education; provides funding to increase parental and community engagement; funds are allocated within an LEA based on each schools’ socio-economic status;

TITLE II: Provides funding for ongoing and embedded professional development for our teachers to ensure high-quality instruction, and for our administrators to provide effective instructional leadership;

TITLE III: Provides funding for services and resources to enable our ESL (English as a Second Language) students to become proficient in English and to improve their overall academic performance;

TITLE IV: Provides funding (1) to ensure our students receive a well-rounded education, including programs such as college and career counseling, STEM, arts, civics and International Baccalaureate/Advanced Placement; (2) to support safe and healthy students with comprehensive school mental health, drug and violence prevention, training on trauma-informed practices, and health and physical education; and (3) to support the effective use of technology that is backed by professional development, blended learning and ed tech devices. Combined, these federal grants ensure that all of our students have a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education and reach proficiency on challenging State academic achievement standards.